Master's degree for one of Minister Ze'evi's assassins

Degree awarded to one of late Minister's assassins in presence of senior PA officials and under auspices of PA Chairman Abbas.

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Al-Quds University student elections
Al-Quds University student elections
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The terrorist Majdi al-Rimawi, member of the terrorist cell that murdered the late Minister Rechavam Zeevi (Gandhi), recently received an academic degree at a ceremony held in the presence of senior PA officials and under the auspices of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Al-Rimawi, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is one of three imprisoned terrorists who received academic degrees in a series of ceremonies held at PA universities under the auspices of the chairman and received extensive coverage in the Palestinian media.

The ceremony in which the terrorist received the degree was held at Al-Quds University and was opened by awarding the honors to the three terrorists before granting degrees to the rest of the students. Rimawi was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 80 years for his involvement in the murder of Minister Ze'evi and other attacks.

The MEMRI Institute, which monitors Middle East media, reports that the honor was received on behalf of the terrorist by his wife, Fatihya al-Rimawi, who said that granting the title at the beginning of the ceremony was "an expression of respect for all the prisoners" and praised the efforts made by the university on behalf of her husband: "We talked with Majdi in prison, and he was pleased with the university administration, which spared no effort for the success of the prisoners' education program."

According to her, the prisoners and their families see the curriculum of the Open University of Al-Quds as a blessed thing that allows prisoners to "exercise their right to education and train them to join the labor market and integrate into society after their release." She added that the tribute to the three prisoners who had completed their studies had "an effect on the prisoner's family's morale and gave them hope," and said that her husband, Majdi al-Rimawi, would continue his studies toward a master's and doctorate.

Turkish PM Erdogan (C), PA President Abbas (R) and President of Al-Quds University Sari Nusseibeh
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Her words were quoted by the MEMRI Institute as cited in the PA daily Al Hayat Al Jadida. The newspaper notes that the prisoners receive academic assistance during their stay in prison as part of a "special program of the Prisoner Affairs Ministry and the Education Higher Education Ministry to provide prisoners with education, including 700 prisoners from four prisons in Israel: Negev, Rimon, Eshel, and Gilboa."

Student supporters of Fatah celebrate results of student's elections at Al-Quds Open University
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