New neo-Nazi march scheduled

Neo-Nazis plan on marching this Saturday near Berlin to mark the death of former Nazi leader Rudolf Hess.

Tzvi Lev,

Nazi commanders
Nazi commanders
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The controversy over last week's violent right-wing march in Charlottesville, Virginia has not yet abated, and now a new march is scheduled to take place, this time in Germany. Neo-Nazis are planning to commemorate 30 years since the death of Nazi leader Rudolf Hess by marching in the Berlin suburb of Spandau Saturday.

Local authorities have tried to stop the rally from taking place, to no avail. Instead, participants will be strictly limited.

Marchers will not be allowed to bring pictures of Hess, or any banners that bear the Swastika, and are forbidden from using phrases that glorify Hess, such as "His faith was stronger than prison and pain."

Police have also banned media interviews, alcohol usage, and the wearing of Nazi military uniforms.

Numerous counter demonstrations are planned.

Rudolf Hess was a prominent Nazi, helping Hitler write 'Mein Kampf,' when they incarcerated together in Lansberg Prison. Hess had a prominent role in authoring the infamous Nuremberg Laws, and at one point served as the deputy-Fuhrer.

He was captured by the British in 1941 after flying alone to Scotland in attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with the United Kingdom, and was sentenced to life in prison. He hanged himself with an electric cord in 1987 at Spandau Jail.