Sara Netanyahu reveals: 'I worked as a cleaner'

Prime Minister's wife worked cleaning offices at night while a student: 'After I left you could eat from the floor; I cleaned really well.'

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First Ladies Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu
First Ladies Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu
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The wife of the Prime Minister, Sara Netanyahu, was interviewed on the radio program of her friend Nicole Raidman, to be broadcast Friday on 100FM. During the interview she revealed that while she was a university student, she supported herself by cleaning offices.

The segments began with Raidman asking Netanyahu how she made a living after arriving as a young girl in Tel Aviv. "It was really a sharp transition, although I gradually made it through the army."

"While earning my bachelor and masters degrees, I worked at all sorts of jobs, even as a diagnostician because it was my profession in the army, but I have to say that over the years I worked mainly at cleaning offices at night."

The Prime Minister's wife testified: "I cleaned really well, it was a pleasure to be there after I left. I came twice a week, it was an office in Givatayim. I lived then in Ramat Gan. Many times, I walked from Ramat Gan to Givatayim to save the money because I had to finance my studies, my rent, my whole life, and I never thought of asking my parents - my father was a retired teacher with a minimal salary and I just felt that I had to help them with what I could and certainly not ask anything from them."

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Netanyahu spoke warmly about US First Lady Melania Trump: "I know many of the world's first ladies. I like all of them and have a good relationship with all of them- but I have really created a very friendly, very nice relationship with Melania. The meetings between us are quite warm and pleasant and I think she dresses beautifully."

Sara Netanyahu described Melania as "a very impressive, smart, and beautiful woman- of course, also beautiful on the inside, who is a wonderful mother to her young son, and they are also going through difficult periods, that are very reminiscent of the processes I went through with my sons, with a very hostile media."

"At the very beginning of her career as First Lady, she did beautiful things for women. She also wants to contribute to the battle against violence on social networks, and that's something I identify with. I think she is going to do an excellent job."

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