Watch: Tom Cruise injured in accident during filming

Actor Tom Cruise injured while performing stunt for upcoming 'Mission Impossible 6' film in London.

David Rosenberg ,

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Actor Tom Cruise, star of such Hollywood hits as Rain Man, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and the Mission Impossible series, was injured Sunday while performing a stunt for an upcoming film.

In footage of the incident, Cruise, 55, can been attempting to leap from a platform to a nearby building while harnessed – then slamming into the side of the building after he failed to make the jump.

Cruise was reportedly filming the scene for the sixth film in the Mission Impossible series.

The accident occurred on a London rooftop.

Following the mishap, Cruise can be seen limping around the edge of the building, collapsing, then being pulled back to the platform via his safety harness. It is unclear how severe Cruise’s injuries are.