Israeli father, daughter injured in auto accident in Poland

Haredi father and 13-year-old daughter flown to Israel for emergency treatment on Shabbat after serious car accident in Warsaw.

Gary Willig ,

Car crash (stock image)
Car crash (stock image)

An Israeli father and daughter were seriously injured in a car crash in Poland last week, the Behadrei Haredim Hebrew news site reported.

Members of a haredi family from Modi'in Illit were driving in Warsaw last Wednesday when the crash occurred. The 40 year old father and his 13-year-old daughter were seriously injured.

The mother and four other children were lightly injured.

The father and daughter were flown to Israel for treatment Saturday.

The 40-year-old father was hospitalized in critical condition,anesthetized and taken to the intensive care unit at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. The 13-year-old girl, also flown to Israel on Saturday, was hospitalized in moderate to severe condition in a surgical ward at Schneider Children's Hospital.

The mother and other children remained hospitalized in Poland and are to be flown to Israel to receive further treatment today (Sunday).