A different b'chol dor vador

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Phil Chernofsky,

Jews pray at the Western Wall
Jews pray at the Western Wall
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Maybe it's more like B'CHOL YOM VAYOM...

Meaning, every day it should be fresh in your eyes (and heart) as if today you learned it for the first time.
What should be fresh...?

Let's look no further than Parshat Eikev for the answer. Birkat HaMazon, Benching. B'rachot, blessings. Davening, Prayer. Sh'ma.

The mitzva to Bench after a meal is in Parshat Eikev. By Rabbinic extension, so are all brachot: Those we say before eating or drinking. Those we say before doing various mitzvot. Those that we say every morning. The other brachot for after food. Those we say as part of davening.

The mitzva to daven, pray, is from Parshat Eikev. Doesn't matter that there is a dispute between Rambam and Ramban whether T'fila is d'Oraita or d'Rabbanan. It still comes from Eikev.
The second passage is from Eikev. We'll let it represent its two partner passages.
What's the common factor of all of the above? Been there. Did it.

People who have been davening and making brachot and saying Sh'ma and benching all the time for years and years, tend to take things for granted. Tend to do things automatic- ally, without thinking.
And even when they make the effort to focus and have kavana, the davening and the other things can seem stale.

Maybe not everyone needs a booster shot, but we imagine that many of us do. I just did an experiment. I timed myself saying a quick, automatic SHEHAKOL that can be said for a quick sip of water at a water fountain. Did it a few times. Each time it timed to 2 seconds or less. Then I purposely said the bracha slower, careful to say the words distinctly. 4-5 seconds. By investing 2-3 seconds, the bracha was improved greatly.

Now, consider focusing on that bracha before you say it. Then say it... and mean it. BARUCH, You HaShem are the source of all blessing. ATA, I have a relationship with G-d that allows me to address Him in second person familiar. HASHEM. I'm saying G-d's name and when I say ELOKEINU, I am accepting Him as My G-d. MELECH HA'OLAM. He is truly the King of the Universe. And everything that exists, exists because He declared it so. WOW. Now take a sip...