Temperatures to be pleasantly average over weekend

Contradicting their former predictions, weathermen announce cooler - not warmer - weather for the weekend.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


Israel's weather will not warm up over the weekend, forecasters said Friday.

Earlier in the week, meteorologists warned that the cooler temperatures would not last, and temperatures would rise before the weekend.

Instead, Friday's weather will be partly cloudy, with temperatures at seasonal average.

In Israel's mountainous regions, the heat will be moderate, while in the lowlands, along the coast, and in the northern Negev, the heat will be moderate to oppressive. Israel's eastern valleys and southern Arava region will have moderate to oppressive heat.

Temperatures for Friday and Friday night are expected to be between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius in Haifa, 19-30 degrees Celsius in Tzfat, 25-37 degrees in Tiberias, and 26-31 degrees in Haifa. Tel Aviv's temperatures, meanwhile, will be between 26 and 32 degrees, while Jerusalem's will be between 19 and 30, and Be'er Sheva's between 23-33.

Shabbat's (Saturday) weather will be partly cloudy to clear, and temperatures will remain at seasonal average.

On Sunday, temperatures will rise slightly, and the heat will become more oppressive.

Monday will be partly cloudy or clear, with no significant change in temperature.