Jerusalem parents: Say no to haredi-ization of Jerusalem school

Over 200 religious parents in northern Jerusalem demand Education Minister not give their school's building to a haredi institution.

Eliran Aharon ,

Yisrael Elishevitz
Yisrael Elishevitz
Eliran Aharon

Over 200 Jerusalem parents sent an urgent letter to Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), opposing the Jerusalem municipality's decision to move the religious public school Brandet from its campus in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood in order to use the campus for a haredi school.

The parents, all Religious Zionists, submitted an administrative appeal against the the process of moving the school to where the Shefa school currently is, in order to give Brandet's current building to an independent haredi school.

"We absolutely oppose this action, which is not correct educationally and severely harms the National Religious public, as well as the secular and moderate haredi public in Neve Yaakov. And this is besides the fact that the move is not being handled the way the law stipulates it should be," the parents wrote.

The parents also noted that according to Education Ministry policies, an Education Ministry school cannot be moved from its building in order to give the building to an independent school, unless the Ministry approves the move.

"This issue is under your and your ministry's jurisdiction," the parents wrote. "Besides for the fact that moving our school is not the proper thing to do for the public or the children's education, it also opposes the Education Ministry's policies. Therefore, we are asking you not to go along with this process, and not to approve it."

Yisrael Elishevitz, who heads Neve Yaakov's Religious Zionist community, told Arutz Sheva that "in Jerusalem, there is an extremist haredi group who wants either to divide Jerusalem, or to have a population swap. The religious community has become a black sheep, and the city is turning haredi."

"Now the keys are in the hands of Education Minister Naftali Bennett. He needs to sign a form approving Jerusalem's decision to move a Religious Zionist school for the sake of a haredi school.

"According to the law, such a move requires at least six months prior warning.

"I call on Minister Bennett not to give in, and not to sign."