'We showed that the Likud is united behind Netanyahu'

Coalition Chairman Bitan says mass show of support for Prime Minister was a complete success, demonstrates party united behind Netanyahu.

Haim Lev,

Netanyahu, Bitan at Likud unity event
Netanyahu, Bitan at Likud unity event

Coalition Chairman David Bitan declared Wednesday night's event an "unprecedented success."

"Yesterday's conference had two purposes," Bitan said. "The first purpose was to refute the claims of internal issues within the Likud, and the second was to strengthen Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during this difficult period."

Bitan also spoke about the seating order, and said each person choose a seat at random.

"We did not mark anyone's place, each minister and Knesset member sat where they wanted," he explained. "When Netanyahu stood up to speak, MK Nava Boker (Likud) took his seat beside Sara Netanyahu."

Approximately 2,000 Likud activists attended the Bitan-initiated gathering, which took place in Tel Aviv. In his speech, Netanyahu thanked Bitan for his activities and for organizing the event.

"Several days ago, a Likud member said, 'Bibi, they don't want to pull you down alone, they want to pull us down, all of us, the Likud and the entire right-wing camp. They know they can't beat us in elections, so they're trying to avoid democracy and beat us without elections,'" Netanyahu said.

"And I'm telling you all - no, it won't happen."