WATCH: Soldiers train to free hostages from hotel

IDF forces practice scenarios posing potential danger to life in vacation city of Eilat.

Naama Zaltzman, IDF site,

IDF soldiers train in Eilat
IDF soldiers train in Eilat
IDF spokesperson

IDF troops in the "Red" formation spent last week in Eilat - but not for a vacation. Instead, they practiced dealing with various security issues, to ensure fast and efficient response.

"The training was successful, and we are ready for any situation," "Red" formation Commander Lieutenant Colonel Eyal Shoymar said. "I invite everyone to come to Eilat. We watch over the city and ensure it remains quiet."

The training was a general training and included several scenarios which may harm normal life in the city. Among other things, the soldiers trained to help captives escape, and how to free a hotel from terrorists.

Joining the training sessions were an armored regiment, a counter-terrorism unit, the coed Caracal and Bardalas combat units, and the "Eitam" intelligence unit.

"Our soldiers and lookouts carried out their assigned tasks exactly as was expected of them," Eitam's Deputy Commander Major Aran Abramowitz said.