Israeli teens indicted for wave of global cyber attacks

Israeli teenagers charged with wave of cyber attacks hitting computer servers tens of thousands of times, causing heavy financial losses.

Orly Harari ,

computer servers
computer servers

The State Prosecutor's Cybercrime Unit Office on Tuesday filed an indictment against the two 19-year-old residents of Israel's central Sharon region for running an unprecedented criminal enterprise engaged in a series of DDoS (denial of service) attacks.

The two, who were minors at the time of the offenses, are charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, conspiring to commit a felony, forbidden activities, tampering with or disrupting computer or computer material, and disseminating false information.

As part of the scam, the defendants sold software that subsequently attacked thousands of servers around the world and caused considerable economic damage. They constantly improved their software, and exploited different network security weaknesses in order to make their products more effective.

Customers were able to select an "attack" package from a number of different types of cyber attacks, with the packages organized by the duration of each attack in seconds, the number of simultaneous attacks, and the magnitude of the attack in gigaseconds, with prices ranging from $19.99 to $499.99.