Arab rock terrorists ambush Jews returning from prayers

Arabs throw rocks at Jews returning from Friday night prayers, IDF forces at the scene run for cover.

Orly Harari , | updated: 22:38

IDF soldier in Hevron
IDF soldier in Hevron
IDF spokesperson

Jews walking home after praying at Mearat Hamachpela (the Cave of the Patriarchs) were ambushed by Arab rock terrorists hiding in alleyways and on rooftops.

In the span of just a few seconds, the Jewish pedestrians found themselves in the middle of a mass of Arab rock-throwing terrorists.

Almog Gamdani, who was walking home with his two small children, told Arutz Sheva about the moments of fear he experienced while the Arab rioters stoned them and the IDF failed to appear.

Gamdani was surprised to hear that the security forces on Shabbat (Saturday) told the media that there had been a "clash between Jews and Arabs." According to him, it was an "unprecedented" attack on innocent Jews walking home from Mearat Hamachpela. He wondered why IDF soldiers who were in the area did not know how to handle the Arab rioters. Instead of dealing with the attack, they put on helmets and for cover.

He hopes the IDF will learn the appropriate lessons from the fact that a 16-year-old Jewish boy was hospitalized after a rock injured his head.

IDF forces arrived at the scene and brought the victim for medical treatment.

Nearby, an IDF soldier was injured by riots in Tekoa, when dozens of Arabs threw stones at IDF forces. The soldier was transferred to a hospital for medical treatment.

On Friday, Arabs threw stones at dozens of Jews hiking in Samaria. IDF forces arrived at the area and evacuated the hikers, who were unharmed.

On July 17, the IDF captured an Arab terrorist who attempted to carry out a ramming attack in Hevron. The next day, an Arab terrorist in neighboring Kiryat Arba successfully carried out a ramming attack, injuring two Jews.