Liberman orders advancement of Judea, Samaria security plans

Defense Minister meets heads of Yesha Council, promises them to advance security plans for Judea and Samaria communities.

Eliran Aharon,

Yesha Council members meet Liberman
Yesha Council members meet Liberman
Yesha Council spokesman

The heads of the Yesha Council met on Wednesday morning with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the staff of the Defense Ministry, in order to discuss the issue of security for communities in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.

In light of recent incidents, culminating in the horrific terrorist attack in Neve Tzuf (Halamish), the Yesha Council's leadership sent an urgent letter to Liberman requesting that this important meeting be held.

The Minister adhered to the request and called Wednesday's meeting, in which the security components required for security in the local communities were presented to him and to the Defense Ministry staff by the Yesha Council's chief security officer, Shlomo Vaknin.

The Defense Ministry presented the Yesha Council with a summary of all the investments made by the Ministry in security in the region and also presented a summary of the budget increase that was provided in the past by the Ministry of Defense to local security.

Liberman then instructed the professional staff in his ministry to advance security plans for Judea and Samaria and to begin working on them immediately. He also ordered that security measures be put in place immediately in communities which face an immediate threat.

At the end of the meeting, the Council's chief security officer said, "We briefed the minister and his team on the preliminary conclusions that were drawn from the murder at Neve Tzuf, some of which concern the security components and some of which relate to the human factor. We demanded from the Minister to provide us with the necessary budget to complete the significant gaps in the security components of Neve Tzuf and the entire settlement enterprise."

Liberman welcomed the meeting and said that he expects a more effective connection with the representatives of the settlement enterprise on a range of issues on the agenda.