Samaria Council Head: 'Situation in Shaarei Tikva absurd'

The Samaria Regional Council is demanding that the state deal with the status of five houses that were built in Area B.

Arutz Sheva Staff, Tzvi Lev,

Shaarei Tikva
Shaarei Tikva
Gur Dotan

The Samaria Regional Council is demanding that the state regulate the legal status of five homes that were built in Area B. Should the State indeed give the necessary authorization,it would be the first time that the IDF removed land from the Palestinian Authority (PA) control since the accords were signed.

Under the Oslo accords, Area B is under joint Israeli-Palestinian control, while Area C is under full IDF control. All of the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria live in Area C.

According to the Israeli news website Walla, one of the houses was given a building permit before the Oslo Accords, while the rest of the permits were handed out after the agreement was already signed. The five houses are located on the Israeli side of the separation fence, but are legally defined as being under PA control.

Apparently due to a mistake by the architects of the Oslo Accords, a very small part of the town of Shaarei Tikva was placed in Area B. The Civil Administration apparently did not notice the change and did not inform the Samaria Regional Council of the reduction in the city's urban plan.

"If this is indeed true, then it is a matter of negligence that removed parts of Shaarei Tikva" said Yossi Dagan, who runs heads the Samaria Regional Commitee. "The entire Oslo agreement is an agreement with that brought murderous terror to the State of Israel in addition to causing absurd situations, this being one of them."

"I call upon the prime minister to intervene personally in correcting this mistake in which, because of an error, an Israeli citizen in the heart of the State of Israel can suddenly wander from Area A to Area B without leaving his own home."

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