Can you learn how to make better stock picks?

Is it luck or skill that makes a good stock market trader?

Douglas Goldstein,

Stock Market
Stock Market

Doug Goldstein, CFP©, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., and Jack Schwager, author of the Market Wizards series, examine what qualities make a good stock market trader. Why do some investors do well in the stock market and others don't.

Is stock market success due to good luck or skill? Jack asserts that intuition is a real phenomenon among investors. However, it is not as common as new investors think.

Jack emphasizes that vigilance and good research are the most important criteria for success with an investment portfolio. He shares with Doug how to know if you just got lucky or if you discovered a winning algorithm.

Is there a reliable measure of a good stock? Many investors depend on the P/E (price earnings ratio) of a stock as an indicator of whether it is a 'good buy.'

Doug explains how the P/E ratio is calculated, discusses whether it really is a reliable measure of a quality stock. Is a stock's P/E a reliable indication as to how it might perform? Listen to the show to discover how to improve your stock picking skills.

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