Arab shot after fleeing authorities during security check

IDF force opens fire on Arab driver who sped off during check in Jordan Valley.

Uzi Baruch,


An Arab driver was shot by IDF soldiers on Sunday after he attempted to flee a security check in the Jordan Valley.

The IDF unit was conducting a routine patrol in the valley when soldiers spotted an Arab vehicle driving in a suspicious manner.

Soldiers ordered the driver to halt and approached the vehicle to carry out a security check. While examining the vehicle, soldiers requested the driver’s license and registration. At that point, the driver said that he did not have them in the car, and needed to return home to bring them.

The driver was given permission to return home to bring the necessary documents, with an army jeep following him during the trip.

During the drive, however, the Arab driver suddenly veered off the route he had discussed with the soldiers in an attempt to flee. When he reached a dead-end, the driver exited the vehicle and attempted to escape on foot.

After ordering the man to halt, soldiers opened fire on the man when he did not stop running, hitting him in his leg. Soldiers arrested the man after he was neutralized, then evacuated him to an area hospital for treatment.