Walter's World - Another 9th of Av calamity?

Is circumcision justified or is it committing serious bodily harm?

Walter Bingham,


Walter is taking a break this week and if you miss the usual musical introduction, well, this week it's a cappella only.

Because we are in preparation for Judaism's most solemn day - the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, a date on which many calamities befell the Jewish people, you will hear a program first broadcast in 2012 at this particular time, about the threat of prohibiting circumcision in Germany and the wider effect on Europe.

The debate of this most important subject is an Israel National Radio special, co-hosted by Jay Shapiro.

If Circumcision matters to you, then this program is a must - and if not, it will clarify for you the reasons for it.

Click here to download the podcasrt