Introducing: Hebrew 'Strictly Kosher' Youtube

'Hidabroot' org launches site presenting exclusively kosher Youtube clips - and preventing viewers from gliding into questionable content.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


The "Jewish Music 24/6" website of the "Hidabroot" organization, or "Hidabrootube", contains close to 7,000 Jewish songs and clips spanning different periods and musical styles.

"Youtube is one of the most difficult sites for a Torah-observant Jew to use," the organization explained. "Many people listen to songs, and even Torah lessons, on Youtube. But Youtube playlists can have a user play a song from, for example, the Jewish music genre - and slide from there into problematic content."

In light of this issue, the Content and Internet Department of Hidabroot considered how to give users a kosher, filtered and supervised framework for listening to exclusively kosher music uploaded to Youtube. The idea was to build a site that features a Youtube flavor with a kosher wrapping.

"The playlists will always be protected," explains Dudu Cohen, Director of the Content and Internet Department at Hidabroot. "In addition, we developed a system that extracts entire channels from Youtube and feeds the songs semi-automatically, "In other words, if Yonatan Razel uploads a new song to his Youtube channel tomorrow, the song will immediately come to us for confirmation. After it is confirmed, it will be added to Razel playlists. The views will be recorded on [Razel’s] original Youtube channel; we only provide a kosher and more filtered envelope."

How do you decide what to filter and what not?

"These decisions are not simple. In principle, love songs are not accepted, and neither, of course, are songs that aren’t in the spirit of Judaism. A clip that has just one second of problematic content will be rejected. Fortunately, most songs and clips in the Jewish music genre are modest and clean, so the vast majority of them are, of course, accepted. Incidentally, the site also includes artists who aren’t necessarily religious, such as Shlomo Artzi, Yehoram Gaon and Kobi Aflalo, but who have an interesting amount of Jewish songs.”

Will the site develop, or is it primarily an archive?

"It is definitely not an archive. The site will continue to develop constantly. We are planning to upload a ‘Nostalgia’ playlist, a ‘Hassidic’ playlist, an ‘Editor’s Choice’ playlist. In addition, by the end of the year we are planning to publish a Jewish hit parade in cooperation with users which will be integrated into the new site.

"Many rabbis have expressed support for the project," says Cohen. "Of course, the entire project has been approved and encouraged by the head of the Hidabroot organization, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, who fully understands the needs of this generation and the pressing lack of a kosher alternative. Without it, people can fall into problematic situations.”