Lapid: National security is not a game

Yesh Atid chief slams PM Netanyahu, tells him to go home if he can't keep track of his own government.

Hezki Baruch,

Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid
Flash 90

Opposition MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) on Tuesday spoke about the submarine controversy and said slammed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's ability to make decisions.

"You don't play around with security," Lapid said. "Security is the absolute most important thing. If the Prime Minister approved the German submarine deal with Egypt, the Israeli public deserves an explanation."

"In his responses to the accusations and suspicions, the Prime Minister said over and over that he didn't know anything was problematic. That he doesn't know what's happening around him. That he doesn't know what those closest to him are doing. That he doesn't know what the people in his office are doing.

"This claim is very hard to accept, and even if we accept it - if you don't know what's happening in your own office, how do you think you can handle national issues?

"The Prime Minister is up to his neck in investigations, and he has no public and moral mandate to make fateful decisions. He should go home."

Netanyahu is not considered a suspect in the affair, but he is expected to testify.