Childhood friends brought together by reserve duty in Samaria

Shai Kadosh and Nir Eligov have been friends since first grade, but were sent to separate units during their mandatory army service.

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Friend meet in reserve duty
Friend meet in reserve duty
IDF Spokesperson

Last month, the reserve company of the IDF’s 74th Battalion, 188th Armored Brigade was deployed for army operations in the Menashe district in northern Samaria.

The Battalion carried out patrols, searches for and arrests of wanted suspects, blocked the illegal entry of Palestinian Authority Arabs into Israel, and conducted other security operations in the area.

Members of the reserve company came from a variety of occupations including a stockbroker and a bartender. Some had small children, but all of them put their lives on hold for one month of reserve duty to do their part to secure their country.

Two members of the reserve company, Shai Kadosh and Nir Eligov, have been friends since the first grade. The two remained close throughout their childhoods, but when they were drafted for their mandatory three-year service, were sent to separate units.

This past month, however, the two met again; marking the first time they served together in the army.

“Nir and I have been friends for years,” said Shai. “But being able to serve with him for a month in the same company and carry out defensive missions with him really strengthens the connection.”

The Menashe district, which includes the Palestinian Authority-controlled cities of Jenin and Tulkarem, was kept relatively quiet during the terror wave two years ago, thanks in large part to the efforts of the 188th Brigade’s efforts in the area.