Do you have a negative mindset toward money?

Lots of people are looking at money wrong. Are you one of them?

Douglas Goldstein,


If you are ready to reset your money mindset, listen to Doug Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., discussion with Jen Sincero, bestselling New York Times author.

They explore how mindset and attitude can change your financial situation. Jen describes some common misconceptions people have about wealth, and explains how these beliefs can be harmful to an investor.

What is the difference between a stockbroker and a financial planner? Believe it or not, some people think a stockbroker can help them plan their retirement. A stockbroker isn't the same thing as a money manager or financial planner.

The jobs have two totally different objectives when it involves investing your money. Doug compares the two positions and offers advice about when it is best to consult one or the other. Who should you meet to discuss your retirement plans?


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