Gabbay to Abbas: Trust must come before peace

PA chairman congratulates new Labor party leader, who tells him only face to face meetings and trust-building measures can bring peace.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Avi Gabbay
Avi Gabbay
Miriam Alster/Flash90

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas spoke Wednesday with new Labor party leader Avi Gabbay and congratulated him on his election this week.

Gabbay thanked Abbas and called on him and Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet face to face to discuss the ongoing issues between Israel and the PA.

He told Abbas that "mutual trust should be built in small steps first, such as the publishing textbooks containing inciting content in the Palestinian school system, [which is] a barrier that interferes with routine life with the Palestinians, and [then the talks can] progress over time to the core issues."

"Peace is not made in international meetings or in regional conferences. It begins with the creation of trust and closeness between the parties," Gabbay told the PA leader.

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