Report: Precursor to Gaza tunnels in France?

Muslims dig, camouflage booby-traps with sharp metal objects to injure police.

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Mordechai Sones,

Booby trap of type spotted in France
Booby trap of type spotted in France

Testimonies and photographs received from residents of the Trois Ponts district in Roubaix indicate that a group of Muslims has dug and camouflaged deep pits in specific locations to lure police officers in night pursuit to entrap and injure them, according to ACTU17 France and corroborated by local sources to The Geller Report.

According to several independent, mutually consistent testimonies, the traps contain sharp metal objects to impale unwitting police officers.

Police alerted by residents were sent to the scene to observe the reports, and have confirmed spotting many such booby-traps. No official confirmation has been provided by the authorities, and no arrests have been made for the time being.