Hamas sets up 'buffer zone' on Egyptian border

Hamas leader in Gaza tours buffer zone established at the request of Egypt.

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Dalit Halevy,

Yihya Sinwar
Yihya Sinwar

The leader of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip Yahya Al-Sinwar took a tour of a buffer zone which Hamas established along the border with Egypt.

In accordance with agreements made a month ago in Cairo between a Hamas delegation and the Egyptian government, Hamas declared a buffer zone 8 miles long along the border with Egypt, and 330 feet deep.

The declared goal of the zone is to preserve security along the border. Egypt called on Hamas to prevent the transfer of aid to Islamic terror organizations working in the Sinai Peninsula against the Egyptian army.

Sinwar was accompanied by senior Hamas officials, including the head of Hamas’ “administrative committee” in Gaza, Abed Al-Salam Siam, the effective head of Hamas government in Gaza.

The Hamas administrative committee was established in March 2017 and includes 6 other members besides Siam. The PA in Ramallah is opposed to the committee and demands that Hamas disband it because it sees the committee as a substitute for the PA in Gaza.