All about Jewish (dis)unity

The 4th of July and Israel.

Walter Bingham,

Priestly blessing at Kotel (Western Wall)
Priestly blessing at Kotel (Western Wall)
Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Hear: How in the week when the United States of America celebrates its 241st independence day and the unification of their country, Israel is suffering from the malaise of disunity with the Diaspora Jewry over prayer space at the Western Wall.

Walter: Talks with prominent politicians and personalities at the US Ambassador's 4th July party about the demands of the American Jewish reform movement, what it means for Israel and the efforts to resolve the differences.

There is: also a report from the party and the Prime Ministers speech

And: How Jewish lesbians in America are shunned even by their fellow queers.

Also: All about a book that celebrates the humanitarian spirit of Israel and an interview with the author.

How: The anti-Trump mass hysteria movement is in the course of their activities destroying their own country from the inside - and how the President will not let them.

Plus: UNESCO - how the tail wags the dog.

And: Learn about the warped 'Fundamental British Values' for 3 to 8 year olds. Don't miss this.

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