How to get the most out of your next trip to Israel

What every visitor to Israel should know before planning their trip.

Shlomo Sixt,



Israel is one of the world's most popular tourist hotspots, and its not hard to see why. With its temperate climate, beautiful beaches, rich history, and many archeological and holy sites, it draws more and more tourists every year.

Visitors to Israel are always on the move, for official, business and leisure purposes. The best way to travel in Israel is by using a car rental service. It saves a whole lot of unnecessary stress and can make a visit to Israel so much more enjoyable.

Why You Need a Car Rental Service

  • Comfort: You don’t want to get back home after a whole day around a city aching all over and pent up with anger. Most public transport vehicles in Israel may not fit your definition of comfort. Booking a car from a car rental Israel company is the ideal solution. Your comfort is ensured right from the booking process. You can also book online from your comfort zone and even get yourself some discount!
  • Choice: Having more than a thousand cars to choose from is indeed more than a choice. All you need do is pick and pay! Just choose the car that suits you. Business people, for instance may prefer luxury cars like the BMW 740 Exclusive, whereas a family holidaying would prefer a spacious car like the Opel ZafiraTourer. You have plenty of choice and you have all the time to choose.
  • Charges: A noticeable feature on the website of most car rental companies is the price, which is usually charged per day. Different cars have different prices. So you can compare cars and prices before you book. However, using a public transport like a taxi is a totally different ball game. For instance, you may hail a taxi in front of your hotel today and be charged a price you think is fair and be shocked the next day when a similar taxi charges you half the price of the previous day. You realize then that you were ripped off the day before. What if the first taxi becomes your regular guy for three consecutive days? That means you were ripped off thrice! Save money and rent a car.
  • Safety: According to the Israel Police Traffic Enforcement Unit, 12,406 bus drivers were cited for traffic violation in 2014. It rose to 18,188 in 2015. Also 12,322 taxi drivers were fined for violating traffic laws in 2014 and this rose to 15,939 in 2015. The rate of bus and taxi accidents is frightening. Don’t be a victim. It is much safer to rent a car. Their drivers are well trained and very experienced. Therefore, your safety is guaranteed.

Ask for a car rental service today and enjoy Israel in every ride.

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