London to host violence-inciting 'Palestinian Expo'

Family members of terrorists and aid to pro-terror MK speak at a 2-day London mega event sponsored by Hamas-supporting organizations.

Chana Roberts ,

Palestinian Expo
Palestinian Expo

The Queen Elizabeth II Center in London will host on July 8-9 an anti-Israel "Palestinian Expo" conference, billed as the "biggest Palestinian event in Europe."

Speaking at the conference are 48 pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel speakers, many of whom receive work from Israel, receive the benefits of Israeli citizenship and the amenities of Western society - but choose to work against their country of residence and join hands with the terror-funding Palestinian Authority instead.

One of the speakers, Soheir Asaad, is a lawyer who has worked with terror-inciting MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint Arab List). In 2015, Israel's Central Election Committee sought to ban Zoabi from running for the Knesset. This decision was overturned, however, when Zoabi appealed to the Supreme Court.

Among other things, Zoabi has said that Israel has “no right to a normal life,” and that “the Israeli occupation” was behind the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria. She has also declared that Israel should "thank her" for allowing Jews to live in the Jewish state.

Another speaker, Rihab Abeideyah, is a schoolteacher in Jerusalem. She receives an Israeli salary and has access to all the benefits of a Western country.

Dr. Inas Abbad is a researcher and political activist. Her brother is a convicted terrorist who is currently in prison after committing a terror attack. He receives a salary from the Palestinian Authority. Dalal Lafi works in an anti-Israel organization based in Jerusalem - where the Israeli government is aware of, but does not interfere in - their anti-Israel activities.

Mariam Barghouti lives in Ramallah, and writes for the New York Times and the International Business Times., and Mariah Idrissi is a model for H&M. Another speaker, Dr. Ghada Karmi, left her Jerusalem home with her family in 1948 after Jordanian officials promised the war would soon be over and that Israel would lose. When Israel did not lose, the family moved to England - but still blames Israel for Jordan's false promise.

Santiago Slabodsky is a program director at the Department of Religion at Hofstra University, New York, as well as a chair of the Jewish studies at the same university. Asa Winstanley is an associate editor for The Electronic Intifada.

Several other speakers claim to be human rights activists and fight discrimination, yet freely support Hamas in Gaza, as well as the terrorist-funding Palestinian Authority.

The conference is organized by the pro-Hamas group "Friends of Al-Aqsa" and Interpal, a Hamas-supporting organization which was banned in the US for using its humanitarian missions as a cover for generating money on behalf of Hamas. Its sponsors are mostly by Arab organizations.