What is the most commonly overlooked investment?

How to find the right investments.

Douglas Goldstein,

Stock Market
Stock Market

Doug Goldstein, CFP and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd, and Meb Faber, chief investment officer of Cambria Investments Management, the challenges investors have in finding the right investments.

Meb thinks the most commonly overlooked investment is investing in a professional financial advisor! Meb has some theories as to why investors have trouble. One of these theories is that there is a gap in the educational system. Meb encourages hiring money managers or advisors to better navigate the market.

He mentions some common mistakes new investors make, including being attached to only one style of investing.

Plus: The real estate market looks like a simple investment opportunity, even easy. Doug shares the challenges he's facing with selling his parents home. Tune in to learn about the reality of the real estate market.


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