UNESCO, Bilaam, and the secret of sacred space

Balak and Bilaam knew that the People of Israel, in the Land of Israel, armed with the Torah of Israel, are an unstoppable power.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitschak Reuven,

UNESCO headquarters in Paris
UNESCO headquarters in Paris

Back from the US, Rabbi Richman is reunited with Yitzchak Reuven for this week's edition of Temple Talk.

Our hosts examine the heathen prophet Bilaam's motivation and methodology in his attempt to curse the people of Israel before they enter into the Promised Land.

Of course, Bilaam has many politlically-correct disciples today who attempt to curse Israel from various vantage points, acting from similiar motivation - and achieving similiar results. Tune into this week's episode of Temple Talk for fascinating and timely Torah teachings and insights into current events.

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