Shas MK Margi on haredi extremists: 'Sit on the serpent's head'

'They have to be hit in their pocket, stop budgetary flows; haredi extremists have no problem with arrests ... Must hit where it hurts'.

Mordechai Sones,

Poster likening haredi soldier to swine
Poster likening haredi soldier to swine
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The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee today (Tuesday) discussed the phenomenon of haredi soldier harassment. The chairman of the Education Committee, MK Yaakov Margi of Shas, surprised the meeting when he sharply attacked the extremists in haredi society.

"They are extremists not only about enlistment, they are fed on extremism. Once it's recruitment, another time it's a different subject. I used to deal with archeological excavations, and also there we found the extremists who overpowered the voices of reason. Rabbi Schmidl is a practical man, but the extremists did not give him rest. Then, when we hit their economic motivation - they disappeared," Margi noted.

MK Yaakov Margi
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In the matter of enlistment, Margi said that "we must sit on the serpent's head," as he put it. Margi made it clear that there is no need to turn to the Admorim (Hasidic Rebbes). "We are familiar with statements by the leading rabbis who come out in opposition to this. I'm in a dilemma. On the one hand, I am happy with the initiated actions. They are blessed. Deceit is essential in warfare. You just need to know how to do it. An action initiated on a Friday infuriates the entire sector. And a pity."

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"I agree that haredi society is dragged along, and does not initiate, but the result is that all the haredim suffer from them. As with crime, it's necessary to eradicate crime for the welfare of the citizens - so here. Hit them in the pocket. Stop their budgetary flows. You need to hit them from all angles. They have no problem with arrests, it's necessary to hit them where it hurts," he explained.

"Whoever wants to learn - let him sit and learn. Whoever wants to enlist - who am I to tell him not to enlist. I came here to encourage you and strengthen your hand. Continue to do what you do - only wisely and sensibly."

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