'Our only agenda is to win at war'

General Moti Almoz responds to criticism against Joint Service Order: 'We can't promote agendas in army; very proud of religious Zionism.'

Mordechai Sones,

Moti Almoz
Moti Almoz
Avishag Shaar Yishuv

The head of the Manpower Division of the IDF, Maj. Gen. Moti Almoz, was present at the first Makor conference on Tuesday, referring to the tension created between religious Zionism and the IDF over the past year.

Maj. Gen. Almoz promised that the IDF does not check which religious soldiers are not. "I do not think we should count kippot, and there is no problem that the senior IDF command is wearing a yarmulke, and the IDF is very proud of the members of religious Zionism.

"I am in charge of the numbers in the IDF, and I do not have a figure or percentage of who is religious and who is not. We do not count, we do not know what is in one's head, whether it's exposed or is covered by a skullcap."

Regarding promoting women to IDF combat roles, Maj. Gen. Almoz said, "There are people who are interested in advancing an agenda; we can not advance an agenda in the army, we want to leave the army far from any political tension or political issues. There are many agendas that seek to force their way in and we push them away."

Almoz added that "women have always been in Israel's fighting and contact lines - for many years, and the IDF has not changed its values over the years, everything remains the same. There are women who want to do meaningful service in the IDF and we are aware of this trend, the only agenda we have is to win the next war."

The head of the IDF Personnel Directorate also referred to the integration of women in the Armored Corps, saying that "this is an experiment that we do not know anything about yet. The army is allowed to make decisions. We will not conduct these discussions in public. There are physiological matters to consider, sensitivities, there are those who think that through making all sorts of statements they will make me change the decisions - it does not affect us."