Arabs attack Arutz Sheva writer: 'It was murderous behavior'

Riot police intervene as Arabs attack Arutz Sheva writer near entrance to Old City of Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jerusalem's Old City
Jerusalem's Old City
Flash 90

Arabs in the Old City of Jerusalem attacked an Arutz Sheva reporter Sunday afternoon just outside of the Western Wall Plaza.

Eliran Aharon, a writer for the Beit El-based news outlet, was attacked by a pair of Arabs as he made his way from the Western Wall towards his car, which was parked just outside of Dung Gate, the southern entrance to the Old City and the closest gate to the Western Wall.

The two Arabs assaulted Aharon near the gate, prompting nearby Yassam riot-police officers guarding Dung Gate to intervene. The officers pulled the attackers away from Aharon and escorted them out of the area.

Aharon was attacked just after having completed a series of interviews with a group of tourists from New York who were visiting the Western Wall.

“It’s sad to see how the Arabs try to harm us, 50 years after the liberation of Jerusalem,” said Aharon.

“I thank the police, who responded to my request and protected me and the visitors [who were] shocked by the Arabs’ murderous behavior.”