2009 murder of policemen in Jordan Valley solved

Indictment filed against Samaria Arab for murder of two policemen near Jordan Valley community in 2009.

Uzi Baruch,

Police vehicle on the night of the murder
Police vehicle on the night of the murder
Kobi Gideon / FLASH90

An indictment was filed today, Sunday, against Mohammad Raduan Darama, a resident of Tubas in Samaria, for the murder of policemen Yehezkel Ramzerker and David Rabinovich in the Jordan Valley.

This morning, it was cleared for publication that, after an extensive investigation by the Shin Bet and Israel Police, significant advances were made recently in the investigation of the murder of the two policemen, shot to death eight years ago as they sat in a police car near the community of Massuah in the Jordan Valley.

Since the murder in 2009, much effort by police and the Shin Bet was devoted to tracking the murderers.

In April 2017, Darama was arrested for investigation. During his arrest, a homemade weapon and cartridge were also confiscated. The investigation pointed to his involvement in the 2009 murder.

According to the investigation's findings, a group of three including Darama arrived to the scene of the incident, and one of Darama’s accomplices shot the two policemen to death. The military prosecution submitted an indictment against Darama for intentionally causing death - the equivalent in Judea and Samaria to murder.

The Shin Bet said this morning this morning that it and its partners in Israel Police and the IDF would “continue with determination to arrest, investigate, and extend the full power of the law against murderers, even years after the murder was committed.”