Bedouin man steals dozens of watermelons from Jewish farmer

Border Police catch Bedouin thief armed with weapons near Be'er Sheva.

Reut Hadar,

The stolen watermelons
The stolen watermelons
Israel Police spokesperson

A Bedouin man in his 50s is suspected of stealing dozens of watermelons from a farm near the southern kibbutz of Or Haner.

The field's owner reported the theft to Israel Police, explaining that the suspect had threatened him with a sharp object and then escaped.

A few hours later, Border Police officers succeeded in locating the suspect near the Be'er Sheva-area town of Nevatim.

An initial search revealed weapons - and dozens of stolen watermelons - in the suspect's car.

Police arrested the suspect, who is a resident of one of the many illegal Arab "villages" in the Negev.

His arrest was extended until Sunday.