'Israel can help Diaspora Jews fight assimilation'

Gesher CEO on visit to Britain to learn concerns and issues facing Diaspora Jewry says Israel can help strengthen Jewish identify abroad.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Ilan Gal-Dor
Ilan Gal-Dor
Yoni Kempinsky

A joint delegation of the Diaspora Ministry and the Gesher organization visited Great Britain this week to learn about the challenges facing the Jewish community there.

Gesher CEO Ilan Gal-Dor told Arutz Sheva that the biggest challenge facing British Jewry was assimilation. Statistics show a high percentage of intermarriage for non-Orthodox Jews in the UK, topped by 80% intermarriage for US non-Orthodox.

"People in the Diaspora have to choose daily to be Jews. To be a Jew has to be something nice, attractive, an updated," he said.

Gal-Dor said that Israel must take a greater role in strengthening the Jewish identity of Diaspora Jewry. "I think Israel can take a role in this place, and can reach out, bring them to Israel to [go on] tours, strengthen their Jewish identity. This can help the leaders in the local community, and leave them part of the Jewish people."