Know when to let go of the financial reins

Do you know senior citizens who need help with finances?

Douglas Goldstein,

Old man with money problems
Old man with money problems

Doug Goldstein, CFP and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd, discusses the inevitable milestone of senior citizens handing the management of their personal finances to their children or trusted individual.

Adult children need to be respectful and gentle with their aging parents when it is time to help with their financial responsibilities. Doug advises both senior parents and their adult children about how to begin this process in a respectful and sensitive manner.

Benjamin Brandt, CFP® and host of Retirement Starts Today podcast, joins the show and shares the importance of being flexible when creating and following a financial plan. These two aspects aren’t as contradictory as they seem, because both put the individuas financial goals first. Listen to find out what aspects your financial plan should include.


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