Should you invest in traditional real estate or REITs?

The real estate market isn't only for landlords.

Douglas Goldstein,

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Doug Goldstein, CFP, cross-border financial advisor, explains the numerous ways an investor can get into the real estate market. Being a landlord isn't the own way to possibly profit from real estate.

Some investors may want to consider REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Doug explains what a REIT is and its potential benefits. If you are interested in the real estate market, make sure to tune in.

How can new investors learn the basics of investing?
Jane Barratt, founder of Goldbean, shares how her company is helping beginner investors learn the ins-and-outs of investing.

Jane and Doug both agree about the importance of everyone having a basic financial education. They discuss how someone should begin learning. A good attitude and willingness to learn are the most important skills you need. Hopefully, their discussion will remove all excuses that prevent you from increasing your financial awareness.


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