Rabbi Lau: Marginal groups attempting to cause fights over Kotel

Chief Rabbi says Western Wall is a place of prayer for all Jews and non-Jews. All must be respectful at holy site.

Hezki Baruch,

Rabbi David Lau
Rabbi David Lau
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Rabbi David Lau, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, addressed the the government's decision to freeze the outline of the Western Wall which would have created an egalitarian prayer area at the site, changing the longtime tradition at the holy site.

"Unfortunately, there are marginal elements who are trying to [cause a fight] around the only remnant of the Holy Temple, the Temple which was destroyed as a result of baseless hatred," Rabbi Lau said.

"The Western Wall belongs to all of us, everyone can come, all are invited to come and and feel a connection to it, to come and pray here," he added.

"Jews and non-Jews can come, Jews can come from different places and backgrounds, and everyone can come, because this house is the house where all can stand and pray [as the prophets said]..

"This is not the time to waste energy on disputes, quarrels, and certainly not around a place of holiness. Let us pray in a way that is respectful of one another. We will stand and pray together, for we are one people."

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