Police arrest five terrorists for throwing rocks at police

5 Isawiya teenagers throw rocks, shoot fireworks, at police, police respond with raids and arrests.

Refael Levi,

Arab terrorists attack police forces
Arab terrorists attack police forces
Israel Police spokesperson

Israel Police and Border Police forces two weeks ago raided the Isawiya homes of five Arabs aged 15-19, and arrested the suspects on suspicion of throwing stones and shooting fireworks at security forces operating in the area. Isawiya is just south of Jerusalem on the road to Maale Adumim and Jericho.

The investigation which followed enabled police to obtain the suspects' identities and addresses, leading to their arrest.

"Israel Police will continue to work determinedly and uncompromisingly against anyone who attempts to intentionally harm civilians or police officers," an Israel Police spokesman said.

"Locating the suspects and arresting them marks just the beginning of the investigation. We will find proofs and witnesses, and we will file an indictment against the suspects."

The suspects' arrest has been extended, and an indictment has been filed.