Are you a deep value investor?

What deep value investors look for and what the number one mistake they make.

Douglas Goldstein,


Doug Goldstein, CFP, director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., invites Tobias Carlisle, author of Deep Value: Why Activist Investors and Other Contrarians Battle for Control of Losing Corporations, to the show to explain the strategy of deep value investing.

Tobias describes what deep value investors look for and the number one mistake they make.
A must-listen for anyone interested in getting into deep value investing.

Also: Did you or will you receive an inheritance? As a cross-border financial advisor, Doug sees many people make costly mistakes when they receive an inheritance. Instead of rushing to spend/invest an inheritance, slow down and consider the options.

There are many details involved in managing an inheritance, especially if it includes IRAs or other American accounts. Consult with a licensed professional before making any decisions.


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