Bonanza of stolen cars, other goods found in Arab village

Police find stolen cars, jewelry, cell phones, and other goods in Arab village near Jerusalem.

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Orly Harari,

Stolen car
Stolen car
Police Spokesperson

Israeli police arrested two Arab men from northern Jerusalem after large quantities of stolen goods were found hidden in their homes, a police spokesperson said Sunday.

The two suspects, both residents of an Arab village inside northern Jerusalem, were arrested late last week during a joint operation of Israel Police, the Border Police, and the IDF.

During the operation, security forces entered houses in the village, and eventually discovered cars and goods stolen during break-ins in Jerusalem and the surrounding area concealed in the suspect’s homes.

In the home of one of the two suspects, authorities discovered two stolen cars, including a Lexus luxury sedan.

In addition, police found stolen jewelry and cell phones, as well as drugs including significant quantities of ecstasy and hashish.

At the other suspect’s home a stolen motorbike was found.