'The stone throwers aren't from our town'

Yitzhar spokesman says youths who threw stones at amublance are not from the town, calls on education, welfare system to deal with them.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

Yitzhar spokesman Avraham Binyamin on Sunday morning in an interview with Reshet Bet Radio spoke about the ambulance attacked on Saturday at his town's entrance.

"This is something unthinkable, something unacceptable," Binyamin said. "Those who threw the stones were not from Yitzhar."

"Yesterday, we sat together with senior officials, including the official in charge of education for at-risk youth. He told us to 'leave these children in your town.'"

Binyamin also said the at-risk youth in question come from all over Israel, and that they are being dealt with by the relevant authorities. He placed the responsibility for dealing with them on the shoulders of the education and welfare systems.

"They can tell us what should be done, and deal with these youngsters," Binyamin said.