She bought kosher fish, and received an octopus

Frozen fish with multiple kashrut seals contains tentacle of octopus.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


A Jerusalem resident received a shock when she bought frozen fish from a well-known company to prepare for Shabbat this week.

There were three kosher seals on the fish packaging. To her surprise, the woman found an octopus tentacle in the bag, which is not kosher and therefore forbidden under Jewish law, packed in with the fish.

The woman told journalist Yehuda Schlesinger of Yisrael Hayom that "I bought the fish in the supermarket, opened it to prepare it and came across this thing, you can not be confused, it's clearly an octopus's arm."

"I do not think about checking the product. I always rely on [the seals of the kashrut supervisors]. But now I will definitely check much more closely. I doubt we will eat meatballs or processed foods in the house because I do not know what is being ground up in there," she added.

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