What options do American investors living abroad have?

Were You Asked to Transfer Your U.S. Brokerage Account?

Douglas Goldstein,


Doug Goldstein, CFP and director of Profile Investment Services, Ltd., advises dual citizens on how to keep their money in the U.S. Some brokerage firms are reluctant to hold accounts for people without American addresses.

When that letter comes, don't panic! There are solutions. Doug shares what you an investor with a foreign address can do, and what factors an investor should be taken into consideration.

Katie Brewer , CFP and president of Your Richest Life, specializes in helping Generation X and Y investors.

Doug and Katie compare what the difference between the challenges retirees face and retired investors and the difficulties Gen X and Y investors have. Investment styles change with an investor's age, life experience, and needs. Katie explains the importance of goal setting and open money communication within relationships.


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