My family won't be at my wedding

Malka is starting a new life for herself and her three children. A convert, she has only you to turn to for help

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Kupat Ha'Ir

There are many words that could be used to describe Malka: Convert, divorcee, mother, and most recently, kallah. As she and her chassan (fiance), also a ger tzedek (convert), approach their wedding date, she has chosen to tell her story:

"I grew up in what I thought was a typical Jewish family. Little did I know, I wasn't halakhically Jewish. I came on a Birthright trip to Israel in 2009, and my life changed forever. Finally, what I searched for my whole life, I saw: Spirituality, depth, truth! It wasn’t long before I arrived at Neve Yerushalayim and began the process toward becoming truly Jewish.

Today I live in Kiryat Sefer with my three beautiful children, ages 5, 4 and 3. However once again we are not a typical family: I’m a divorced single mother, raising three kids on her own. I work the best I can to support them, but we have no choice but to live very, very modestly.

Baruch Hashem, I’m now engaged again, to a ger tzedek! This is our chance to start a new life. He also left everything in his old life behind to come to Israel and learn Torah.

We’ve been faced with the difficult question: How will we pay for our wedding? Where will we live?

Can we have come this far, travelled across the world, become Jewish, faced our own challenges, then found each other, only to struggle to survive?

His family is not involved. My family won’t be involved, financially or otherwise. In fact, most of my family won’t even be at my wedding.

In many ways in this life I have had to my way on my own, searching for truth and what is right, regardless of where I came from. However this time my chassan and I need your help.. For us, and for three sweet children - This is their chance to have a father again.

We may not have family to help us through this, but we have trust in Hashem that we will be married in the right time and place, and that we will not go hungry!

Kupat Ha'Ir

Thank you and you should be blessed for doing the mitzvos of hachnasas kallah and helping gerim!


Many converts are truly alone when it comes to starting a home. The process must be exponentially more difficult once there are already children in the picture. You can help Malka and her chassan start a new life by clicking the links below: