Does Israeli academia need an ethics code?

Thirty-second video explains why Israeli academia needs ethical code.

Mordechai Sones,

Why ethics?
Why ethics?

A spokesman for the Im Tirtzu NGO succinctly explained on Kan, Israeli television, the state-of-affairs in Israeli academia and responded to the recent controversy stemming from Education Minister Naftali Bennett's (Jewish Home) new ethics code for Israeli higher education.

"The question arose today, 'Why an Ethics Code?'

"So I answer: Why an Ethics Code? Because when a lecturer at Ben Gurion University in his mandatory course, instead of lecturing brings Breaking the Silence activists, doesn't allow questions, and doesn't allow the class to be recorded and doesn't bring an opposing opinion, that is politicizing academia.

"When Hebrew University offers a four-credit academic course where one can volunteer and intern at B'Tselem, which works for international pressure on Israel, and the Center for the Defense of the Individual that defends terrorists and their families in the Supreme Court, that is politicizing academia.

"Why and Ethics Code? Because when there are lecturers who call to boycott Israel, yet still are funded by public monies and our paychecks, and the universities do nothing, that's why we need an Ethics Code."

Below is a video of the interview, in Hebrew.