14 year old Arab arrested with knife in Jerusalem

Teenage PA resident raises knife at shoppers at bakery who teased him. Bakery owner detained for employing illegal alien and minor.

Gary Willig ,

Stabbing knife attack
Stabbing knife attack

Police received a report about a young man who appeared to be holding a knife on Bar-Ilan Street in Jerusalem a short time ago.

A police force arrived at the scene and located the youth with the knife.

An initial investigation revealed that the youth was a 14-year-old Arab resident of the Palestinian Authority who was working in a nearby bakery. He was teased by youths who came to the bakery and raised the knife in their direction in response.

The minor and his father were detained for interrogation at the heart of the capital.

The owner of the bakery was also detained for questioning for employing a minor who is also an illegal alien.