Bennett: Working to prevent academic suppression

Education Minister refers to storm surrounding ethics code: 'We favor academic freedom, oppose advancing political agendas in academia.'

Mordechai Sones,

Professor Asa Kasher
Professor Asa Kasher
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Minister of Education Naftali Bennett addressed the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting on the Academic Code of Ethics, formulated by Prof. Asa Kasher.

"Today we are working to prevent academic suppression in order to prevent a student from being harmed because of his political views or that a lecturer who receives his salary from the taxpayer comes out with a call to boycott his own academy," Bennett said.

"We favor academic freedom, and we oppose advancing political agendas in academia," he said.

Prof. Kasher himself made it clear that he was not alarmed by criticism of the ethical code he had written, and that he was prepared only for a substantive discussion in its wake.

"Politicians care about something? Politicians talk when they feel like it," Kasher continued. "Do you think I can take the politicians' nonsense seriously? One of them said that I was in favor of house demolitions because there was not an opportunity to write and speak against the punishment of house demolitions. One says I do not know what an academy is; will Ofer Shelah, the basketball commentator, teach me about academics? That's the level of the politicians, they do not interest me.

"I'm willing to listen to professional comments, everyone can learn from feedback, but I read all the talkbacks, I read everything I came across on Facebook. Everything is garbage," Kasher stressed.