Cleared for publication:
Plot to assassinate Israeli officer thwarted

The attack was planned in April 2017 as revenge for killing of senior Hamas leader a month before.

Ido ben Porat,

Police Spokesperson

7 residents of the Arabs village of Jaljulia were arrested for illegal weapons dealing, leading to the discovery of a plot to assassinate an Israeli officer as revenge for the killing of senior Hamas official Mazen Faqha.

One of the suspects arrested and questioned for weapons dealing was Jaljulia resident Mohammad Muhmad Abed Alkarim Daoud, 41. During his investigation, it became clear that he was aware of a terror plot planned by two Jaljulia brothers.

Those who planned the attack were brothers Adam Ismail Paki, 25, who was known to police for his criminal background, and Paraas Ismail Paki, known for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood and criminal and security offenses in Jaljulia.

Investigations revealed that Adam Paki visited Gaza in December 2014 to participate in a family wedding. During his visit, he was drafted to Hamas by his half-brother Mohammad, living in Gaza, and Hamas operative Hassan Amatzi.

In April 2017 Adam was asked by his half-brother to carry out an attack against an Israeli officer as revenge for the March 2017 death of Gaza Hamas leader Mazen Faqha. His half-brother told him to acquire weapons, another accomplice - and a victim.

To this end, Adam turned to Yassin Maari, a resident of Jaljulia, and also tried to acquire 2 silencer weapons from him for use in the attack. An additional brother, Paraas, was arrested on suspicions that he was aware of the plan and helped Mohammad contact Adam using his cell phone.

The central district prosecution submitted today indictments against the 4 for serious crimes.