Migron's expellees send message to Amona's expellees

Migron expellees warn Amona expellees not to trust PM Netanyahu since 'he doesn't keep promises very quickly.'

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky ,

Migron residents protest broken promises
Migron residents protest broken promises
Elkana Baabad

Migron expellees on Sunday sent a message slamming Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Amona expellees, whose families are currently living in a dormitory in neighboring Ofra.

"Don't pack your suitcases yet, Netanyahu is not quick to keep his promises ," they said. "Netanyahu will do everything to get you out of the dormitory. He'll make promises, but he won't keep them very quickly."

"We've been living in temporary buildings for five years, but haven't yet received a permit to build a permanent town," Migron's expellees continued.

"Amona's expellees are suffering greatly, and they have pinned hopes on the Prime Minister's promise. But they need to be careful when talking about the discussions this week. It may take a long time - even if it looks as if Netanyahu is taking care of Amona's residents."

The Civil Administration's Higher Planning Committee is expected to approve 1,357 new housing units and a new town for Amona's residents during discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Migron was destroyed in 2012, and its residents still live on a temporary site - despite the fact that the government promised that they would spend no more than three years in temporary housing.